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Rotator cuff disease/Sub acromial pai...

Rotator cuff disease/Sub acromial pain syndrome
Anatomy and pathophysiology The rotator cuff is made up of 4 muscles that are responsible for dynamic stabilisation of the gleno-humeral joint (shoulder joint). The supraspinatus, infraspinatus and subscapularis tendons merge together as they insert onto the humerus and the teres minor attaches onto the back of the humerus. It is thought that [...]

Planta Fascitis or Chronic Plantar He...

Planta Fascitis or Chronic Plantar Heel Pain
The well known bane of runners; Planta Facitis is commonly thought to be a musculoskeletal condition of mechanical origin and is associated with pes planus (flat feet) and other lower limb biomechanical abnormalities. The theory is that the tensile strain caused by biomechanical problems results in microtears and chronic inflammation. However [...]

Managing Acute Injuries

Managing Acute Injuries
For the purpose of this article when I refer to acute injuries I am talking about ones that occur as a result of an impact or trauma to a specific area normally in a short space of time. There are 2 acronyms that can be used for the vast majority of acute injuries to help people manage their pain and optimism the healing process.  The first i [...]